Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Craziness is around the corner....

On the 17th the twins turned 8 months old. I can't believe how big they are getting. It is going by way to fast!

Gracie- you are the most mellow and easy going baby around (even more then your sister was). You love to laugh and smile, you shrill at the top of your lungs when you are happy, and you have discovered that you can pull down the bumper on your crib to look out and check on your brother. Your big sister Catie adores you. She loves to crawl in your crib and put you on her lap and read to you. You are destine to be best friends. Your name really does suit you. are all boy. You laugh hysterically when you are tickled, you want to stand all the time, you love to look around and see everything going on around you, your favorite toy is a big red car, and you smile at everyone with your two bottom teeth showing.

Life in our house is about to get really crazy. CJ decided that he was going to crawl. Gracie isn't far behind him. She is up on all 4 and trying to figure out what to do next. Heaven help us!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Feet

Catie pointing to her ballet picture from last year
Catie loves to dance. Her favorite thing is when Auntie Susie comes over and they have a dance party. She has great moves (Catie...not Susie :) Anyways, last year Catie took ballet and while she enjoyed it, the class didn't seem very challenging for her and she got board a lot. This year I signed her up for a dance class at a real dance studio (end of the performances, parents waiting room, etc). The first half of the class consists of tap dance and the second half (after the proper shoe change) consists of jazz/ ballet. Catie's had a blast at her first class. The other kids in the class were waiving at their parents during the class and Catie wanted nothing to do with me. I waved to her and she literally stuck her hand up like she was saying "Oh mom....go away". The teacher (who owns the studio and has grown twins herself) told me how adorable Catie was and how she could already tell that she was a great addition to the class. My favorite part...I don't have to stay for class if I don't want to, which means I can run to Whole Foods down the street with one less child in tow!

Learning the basic tap dance 

The ballet portion (sorry about the parents talking)

PS- Catie the video can be small but Catie is easy to spot. She is the only one in a black leotard. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Schools days are here again

Could she be more excited for school?
Yesterday Catie started pre-school for the second year. To say that she was excited is an understatement. She put out her outfit the night before and in the morning she asked every 3 minutes if it was time to go to school. When we pulled up to school all of the parents were there waiting with their children. Catie told Colin and I that we could just drop her off and go. Much to Catie's dismay, we stayed with her. She was literally the first kid in the door. She walked in, gave the teacher a hug, threw her sweater in her cuby and went straight for the play dough. She then told us to go home. It is going to be a wonderful year. On Mondays she has music class, Wednesdays gym and Fridays they play on a field across the street. She is going to have a blast this year!

On a side note. College Football is back!!! As shown in the twins birth announcement- we have a divided house. SC vs. Purdue. Well this past Saturday SC had a game (nice win Trojans) and Purdue didn't so the kids were dressed in their Trojan best. Don't worry, we have just as much Purdue gear as we have SC gear. Stay tuned and...Fight On!
The back of the twin's birth announcement

Fight On!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The last days of summer...

Summer is slowly coming to an end and Catie starts school in two weeks. She has been telling everyone that her school closed in August and opens again in September because they are painting it. I have no clue if they really are, but if they aren't, I'm pretty sure that she will probably ask the teachers why it looks the same.

Earlier this month we took our annual trip up to Lake Tahoe with Colin's family, and as usual, we had a blast!The weather was perfect and the all of the kids (including the twins) loved the beach and pool. Catie had a wonderful time building sand castles and even made friends on the beach to play with. We are looking forward to hopefully heading back up this winter and getting Catie on skis!

Catie CJ getting ready to head to the beach

Catie and Gracie

Catie enjoying her daily ice cream sandwich

Colin loving his daily "Chamber's Punch"

The twins at the beach

The kids~ Lake Tahoe 2012

The whole family

We can't wait until next year!!!

Now are busy getting ready for back to school, soccer starting again, ballet and tap class, and back to school shopping. It's hard to imagine that Catie is heading into her second year of pre-school. Time is flying by!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Life sure has changed!

I know that it has been a VERY long time since I have updated our family blog but I promise that there was a good reason for the delay....we added fraternal twins to our family! CJ (Colin John O'Connell Jr.) and Grace Elizabeth O'Connell were born on January 17, 2012.
                                         (CJ is on the left & Gracie is on the right)

It was a long road to get them here and honestly I was so focused on the twins that I forgot about updating our blog. Then when the twins finally arrived and I forgot what sleep felt like! At our 8 week ultrasound Colin and I found out that we were expecting twins (which is honestly the last thing that we thought would happen to us). When the technician asked if twins ran in our family we both responded, "No, why"? To say that we were shocked is an understatement. We went through every range of emotion: laughter, nervousness, terror but ultimately were thrilled. We were going to be expanding our family by 2!

In typically O'Connell fashion, the fact that we were pregnant with twins didn't slow us down. We bought a new house, remodeled it, moved, bought a new car, and prepared for the birth of twins. At 28 weeks I was placed on bed rest and remained on it until the birth of the twins at 37 weeks 1 day. I can't thank our families enough for everything that they did for us and for Catie while I was on bed rest (almost 3 weeks of which was in the hospital). It was a very difficult time (especially since it was over the holidays) and we required a lot of help. Our families took care of Catie, grocery shopped for us, did our laundry, friends delivered meals, etc. We truly thank everyone for their help and support.

It took a little while to adjust to life with two new babies and  3 1/2 year old. We quickly got the twins on a schedule and our home became a well oiled machine with all hands on deck. We joke when people come and visit by saying, "Here hold a baby, we have plenty of them to go around". The twins have completed our family and Catie is an incredible big sister.

This past Saturday Catie turned 4 and the week before the twins turned 6 months (which in twins time is kind of the turning point on things getting a little easier).

On Saturday we celebrated Catie's birthday by throwing her a Princess Party. The real Snow White came to her party and all of the little princesses had a wonderful time decorating crowns, watching a puppet show, having their face painted and getting balloon wands made for them. It is hard to believe that Catie is 4 years old. Happy birthday Catie. You fill our lives with so much joy, laughter and love. We love you from the moon to sea and everything in between.

Well, now that life is settling down (as much as it can be with three kids) I am excited to start our blog back up and updating all of our family and friends on the many adventures of Catie, CJ and Gracie. I am sure that it is going to be a wild ride. After all, Catie makes three and the twins make 5!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Several month re-cap

Has it really been 4 months since I have updated our blog? Forgive me. We have been busy trying to keep up with Catie. She never stops and I can't believe that she will be 3 next month. Where has the time gone! Catie is potty training and doing well, she loves to play soccer in the front yard with her cones, she can conquer any slide, and her favorite song right now is BINGO. She will be happy to sing it for you.
Here is a quick update of what we have done in the past few months: We spent Easter in Palm Desert and Catie had a wonderful time. She loved hunting for Easter Eggs and the Easter Bunny brought her sunglasses, sparkly shoes, a bouncy ball that lights up, and a lady bug that shines stars on her ceiling.

In May we celebrated Mother's Day and my birthday. We went out for breakfast and went on a hike. A great weekend!

In June we went stopped by the festival in downtown Larkspur and Catie was fascinated by the fire trucks. She loves fire trucks and will tell you that you need to go outside if there is a fire. We always have to stop and wave to the firemen. We also celebrated Father's Day by going to church in the morning and then we went to Sam's in Sausalito for brunch. What a great Father's day tradition.

Catie also took a trial ballet class at the Tutu school and loved it. She starts in September and can't wait!
On Sunday night we went to the Giants game and as usual....Catie had a blast and kept yelling "Go Giants". She loves baseball! Like father like daughter I guess.

July is a big month in our house. Colin will be celebrating his #% birthday (you are welcome Colin) and Catie will turning 3. She is still debating on what type of party she wants, but she has it narrowed down to either a princess party or barbie party. Party planning can be so hard.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Paci Fairy

Catie is 2 1/2 and although she only uses her pacifiers (paci as Catie calls them) at night when she sleeps, Colin and I both agreed that it was time for them to go (especially since Catie has her first dentist apt. next month). For a few weeks we have been talking to Catie about the Paci Fairy's and her upcoming visit.
The back story on the Paci Fairy is that she comes and takes all of the pacifiers so that she can give them to the new babies (since Catie is a big girl and doesn't need them anymore). When the Paci Fair takes the pacis she leaves a present as a thank you.

Well, the Paci Fairy came on Saturday night and when Catie woke up on Sunday I immediately sat up and watched the baby video monitor. Catie started to feel around her bed and yell "paci" so I went into her room and said, "Oh my gosh did the paci fairy come?" Catie slowly sat up and saw the two presents on the floor and yelled "Presents, Paci Fairy" and she didn't think twice about her pacifier. It was great!!

She spent all day playing with her new doll and Barbie and didn't even ask for a paci when she took her nap. Going to bed was a little tough. Our routine consists of brushing her teeth, putting on her sleep sack, giving her a lilly (her blanket) and paci, and rocking her to her Catie sleep song. We did everything and when we started to rock her she wanted her pacifier. After 20 minutes of rocking and reading books (and crying) we finally put her down. She wasn't crying anymore but it seemed like she didn't really know what to do. She looked for her pacis for a little bit and then just sat up and bed and looked at some books (we left a light on...don't worry, she wasn't reading in the dark). It took her 2 hours to fall asleep but she didn't cry. She woke up the next morning and acted as though she had no idea what a pacifier even was. Catie hasn't asked for a paci yet.

Oh, it did help that the Paci Fairy visited B and Da's house the next day and rumor has it that the Paci Fairy also made a visit to Gigi and Bampa's. Catie scored....thanks Paci Fairy.

Catie not knowing what to do since she doesn't have her pacifiers. PS- all of those pacifiers came from her bed (she had hid them everywhere).