Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Paci Fairy

Catie is 2 1/2 and although she only uses her pacifiers (paci as Catie calls them) at night when she sleeps, Colin and I both agreed that it was time for them to go (especially since Catie has her first dentist apt. next month). For a few weeks we have been talking to Catie about the Paci Fairy's and her upcoming visit.
The back story on the Paci Fairy is that she comes and takes all of the pacifiers so that she can give them to the new babies (since Catie is a big girl and doesn't need them anymore). When the Paci Fair takes the pacis she leaves a present as a thank you.

Well, the Paci Fairy came on Saturday night and when Catie woke up on Sunday I immediately sat up and watched the baby video monitor. Catie started to feel around her bed and yell "paci" so I went into her room and said, "Oh my gosh did the paci fairy come?" Catie slowly sat up and saw the two presents on the floor and yelled "Presents, Paci Fairy" and she didn't think twice about her pacifier. It was great!!

She spent all day playing with her new doll and Barbie and didn't even ask for a paci when she took her nap. Going to bed was a little tough. Our routine consists of brushing her teeth, putting on her sleep sack, giving her a lilly (her blanket) and paci, and rocking her to her Catie sleep song. We did everything and when we started to rock her she wanted her pacifier. After 20 minutes of rocking and reading books (and crying) we finally put her down. She wasn't crying anymore but it seemed like she didn't really know what to do. She looked for her pacis for a little bit and then just sat up and bed and looked at some books (we left a light on...don't worry, she wasn't reading in the dark). It took her 2 hours to fall asleep but she didn't cry. She woke up the next morning and acted as though she had no idea what a pacifier even was. Catie hasn't asked for a paci yet.

Oh, it did help that the Paci Fairy visited B and Da's house the next day and rumor has it that the Paci Fairy also made a visit to Gigi and Bampa's. Catie scored....thanks Paci Fairy.

Catie not knowing what to do since she doesn't have her pacifiers. PS- all of those pacifiers came from her bed (she had hid them everywhere).

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Windy City Kelley's said...

Ethan loves his paci too! Go Catie go.